New Report Suggests IRON MAIDEN Turn Piracy Into Profits

<a href="”>20131206-090341.jpgIron Maiden: too hairy for pop but still turning metal into gold

Bruce Dickinson, sorry, Dr. Bruce Dickinson and the rest of Iron Maiden are considered one of the top music entities in England according to a new report entitled “1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain”

The Guardian reports that one of the keys to Maiden’s success was to track where their music was getting pirated the most, and then go and tour there.

Iron Maiden have never been exactly fashionable: too mainstream for punk, too scruffy for New Wave, too hairy and loud for pop. But it seems the classic British metal act is very good at turning metal into gold.
20131206-091343.jpgIron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson in concert in Sweden. Photograph: IBL/REX

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