Cold weather alert


Cold weather alert


A spell of cold weather is expected over the coming days and temperatures are expected to drop significantly. The effects of cold can be severe, in particular for those who are over 65 years, have a long term illness, or are not mobile.
It is advisable that those in the above category to have plenty of warm food and drinks and to try to maintain indoor temperatures to at least 18degrees. Drawing the window curtains at dusk will help to keep the heat in. If mobility isn’t an issue, it is also advisable to keep active.
This is also the time to think about how the cold temperatures may affect your friends and family, particularly if they are older, living alone, very young or have long term health conditions as they are particularly at risk from the ill-effects of cold. Think now what you could do to help them and ensure they have access to warm food, drinks and managing to heat their homes adequately.
The Ministry for Health reminds that the seasonal flu vaccine is still available free of charge for all Maltese residents and is available from all Health Centres.

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