Plato’s Advice

Whatever issues US residents currently have with their elected representatives, they alone are to blame.

A whole generation of American youngsters have been raised without a clear appreciation of their own Constitution or their extremely rich history. They should have spent more time researching there elected officials’ comprehension of the American Constitution and commitment to its preservation and protection instead of electing too many people based only on their emotional appeal and catchy soundbites.

The truth is that “We the People” will always be greater critical thinkers than those who are clinging to power. They have acted as if “We the People” can’t be critical thinkers and as if their Federal government departments are full of experts who must be blindly trusted and followed. They have become more interested in the games on their mobile devices.

Instead of paying attention to the significant policy decisions that are made every day, they have focused more on the games on their digital gadgets. They have likely surprised Plato by surviving this long without collapsing.

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