The Maltese Territorial Regiments of the British Army

The Territorial Army in Malta: an interview with Dr. John Consiglio Former 3/11th Regiment, Royal Malta Artillery (Territorials) member.

Dr. John Consiglio, sits down to explain the benefits to Maltese society that the part-time soldiers brought to the Island nation’s society.

Dr. John Consiglio enlisted in the 3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment of the Royal Malta Artillery (Territorials) when he was 16 years old, and served there with great enthusiasm up to 1972, when the Maltese Territorial Regiments were disbanded. His unwaning enthusiasm later on saw him serve as Vice President of the 3/11 Regiment RMA(T) Association.

This production acknowledges with great gratitude and appreciation the information and photos utilized, as furnished by:

Dr. John Consiglio

Emmanuel Francalanza

Victor Filletti

Joanna Debono Sant Cassia

Capt Saviour P. Portelli

Capt Patrick Caruana Dingli

Lt Col Herbert C Abela, MBE

Music: “Duchess of Kent” by the “Royal Electrical &

Mechanical Engineers Band”

“Strength Men” by Lux-Inspira “Asswero”, Major Mro. Anthony Aquilina, 3LAA Regiment RMA(T)

Camera: Edward Consiglio Ivan Consiglio

Producers: Capt Alex Abela RMA (Rtd.), Maj Ivan M. Consiglio AFM (Rtd.)

Post-Editing: Edward Consiglio

Updated Version: 23rd September 2022


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