Catching up is long overdue

Admittedly, I have again not out much effort of feeding and maintaining this little nook in cyberspace of mine, for a million and one reasons.

Was stirred to scribe these few words since I saw that my previous last posting was the customary and traditional December festive season’s greetings. And then, WordPress also automatically renewed its annual levy for renting out this patch of the internet.

One prime culprit of a reason why I find myself not posting anything here is because like many out there, am camped out pretty lazily on social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and to a lesser degree, Instagram also.

The following I have there is indeed far greater and has a near real time reaction to any nonsense of all sorts I generate or rebroadcast from there.

On ABC News’ “Good Morning America” show yesterday, a snippet caught my eye about Instagram experimenting with the removal of the display ‘likes’ registered by posts shared there on. Seems that the platform realised that most posts are a popularity contest amongst its users rather than a community of sharing. Mental illness and other self esteem issues induced by this crazy fad has been the cause of concern for many Stateside.

That stated, the ‘like’ factor or syndrome is so much part of conversation like punctuation amongst social media users, that it is really reached sickening levels, which marketeers and vendors seem to thrive on.

Often, I find that the available emojis given to us as defaults are not enough to express disagreement or other dissenting opinions, which oblige more verbose text inputting on some whacky post. Am not the type to slag off a mouthful of an epistle, and when or if I do, my nerves must have been pinched someplace by something for sure. Otherwise, it’s me nodding nay my head to the left and right at the smart device’s screen in hand.

Anyways, I am renewing my promise to give this soace some more content. Here’s hoping I can keep it this time!

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I find the Festive Season of Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations as a pit-stop type moment of recollection of one’s decisions and actions (good or bad) from those said decisions taken over the previous months of the past year.  And that amidst the cheer and binging at work or family gigs, when the food and the booze helps not the waist lines or the livers of those who subject themselves to such indulging.

Again, admittedly I have not bothered much or had the time to post much here to share with y’all here in cyber space. The chain tethering (or rather mooring) me to Facebook as an easy, quick and broad reaching social media platform, has remained prevalently strong and unfazed over these past months, with all the nonsense generated or reposted from elsewhere, amidst some good piece of news or info as well, it must be said.

That the pace of life has slowed or not, I won’t be a judge of that in my semi-retirement.  This year was sluggish overall on the local work front, and that was despite one major tv-documentary production project,  which was pretty significant for the thematic topic it touched.

The year was marked with the sadness of several close friends passing away, so “young” and so suddenly.  It would send me into reminiscing moods for several days on end when I had to digest the news and also share it with the multiple circles of friends, Scouts and ex-Servicemen colleagues I have treasured over the years.

On a positive front though, some satisfactions did cross my path and new friendships struck, with the ever reinforcing of those which I engage so frequently for multiple reasons.

So, in closing I would like to thank all those who have supported me and those who believed in me, my work, and its ethic. Thanks to those who chose to rely on me and my professional and voluntary services, I register their appreciation and hold it close to my heart.

Best wishes for a safe and joyous Christmas, and a prosperous New Year in 2019. Stay in touch and don’t be strangers !!




Seems like my Tweets earned 1.4K impressions over a 28 day period

Well, Twitter thinks I am doing something right: though I have a restricted circle of followers on that platform, they go bounced to Facebook and come in also from as well.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.10.25 PM

Tweets earned 1.4K impressions over a 28 day period

Admittedly, have these last six months or so kept myself off the social media grid for sake of other more demanding stuff I had going on.   But am not intent on returning to my former levels of engagement there on either, especially since halfway through my hermit like abstinence, Zuckerberg went to Capitol Hill and was grilled, and then also onwards to the EU’s top brass to apologise even more on Facebook’s data being misused so much without foresight of preventive measures of sorts.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced tough questions from European Union lawmakers Tuesday over what one of them branded Zuckerberg’s “digital monster,” and he apologized for the way the social network has been used to produce fake news, interfere in elections and sweep up people’s personal data.

My engagement here is nothing grand or worth writing a postcard home about, either.  Those in my immediate work circle and others who float or hover around me know only too well what my focus is right now, after or in between work-related projects. Just stay in touch and don’t be strangers either.

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ENG news service turnaround for Obama’s Rome visit in 2014

A flashback or throwback to when I had the chance to work with some fine professionals at Al Jazeera America, during President Barrack Obama’s vsit in 2014 to Rome.

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The Getty Images sports photography team’s best captured moments from the Winter Olympics

Below zero temperatures, blustery winds and arctic conditions can’t slow down the Getty Images sports photography team from capturing the best moments from the Winter Olympics. Photographer Al Bello gives Business Insider a behind the scenes look at what it’s like shooting in Pyeongchang’s frigid weather.

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In need of a Bond movie… comparing Maltese cinema audiences to Rotten Tomatoes ratings

In need of a Bond movie… comparing Maltese cinema audiences to Rotten Tomatoes ratings

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How to tell a cold from the flu, in 2 great charts – Vox

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How did the news go ‘fake’? When the media went social | Claire Wardle and Hossein Derakhshan | Opinion | The Guardian

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2013 migrant tragedy in which up to 200 people died recorded in Tv-documentary

A boat full of Syrian and Palestinian migrants capsized after taking in water 60 miles south of Lampedusa. The Armed Forces of Malta rescued 143 migrants and 56 were taken to the Italian island.

More than 50 people – and possibly up to 200 – died that day when many others were saved by Maltese and Italian forces.

A number of Italian navy officers had been charged of manslaughter and failure to render assistance during the tragedy before the Italian courts.


Una storia di Fabrizio Gatti, scritta da Diana Ligorio, editor Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli, filmmaker Maurizio Felicetti (che è anche direttore della fotografia), Francesco Mazzetti e Ivan M. Consiglio (che è anche il produttore associato per la Malta24 Ltd.); produttore esecutivo Laura Guglielmetti.

L’uscita del film è accompagnata da un racconto di Fabrizio Gatti su Super8 di Repubblica venerdì 13 ottobre. E da lunedì 16 ottobre sulle edizioni online di Espresso e Repubblica la webserie “Un unico destino”: cinque puntate con le tappe del viaggio, la rete dei trafficanti, le interviste ai protagonisti e i retroscena del naufragio che ha cambiato la nostra storia.

Una clip del film “Un unico destino”, che andrà in onda in prima assoluta domenica 15 ottobre alle 21.15 su SkyAtlantic, all’interno del ciclo “Il racconto del reale” e sarà trasmesso in replica, sempre su SkyAtlantic, da lunedì 16 ottobre.

Read more at: “Un unico destino”: esce il lungometraggio esclusivo dell’Espresso e Repubblica che rivela le verità nascoste sulla strage nel Mediterraneo


Saying it in Maltese: Siblings on a mission to make you say it right – The Malta Independent

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