Provision of Photographic Services of EU Funded Projects and Events

The Director General, Planning and Priorities Co-ordination Division, notifies that electronic tenders in respect of the following notice will be received up to 09:30am CET of Tuesday, 10th November 2015. Tenders are to be submitted online ONLY on: (​t).
Advert No MEAIM/PPCD/048/2015: Period Contract for the Provision of Photographic Services of EU Funded Projects and Events
Tender documents are only obtainable from the Electronic Public Procurement System (​). Registration is required in order to submit offers: Maltese economic operators need to be in possession of their Organisation e-ID in order to log into this website. More information is available from the FAQ Section of the same website.

Economic operators interested in participating in these current calls for tender are urged to take note of the workshops being organised by the Department of Contracts. During these workshops, simulations will be carried out so that economic operators familiarise themselves with compiling and submitting their tender online. More information is available in the tender document. These workshops are ONLY intended to economic operators that intend to submit an offer for these tenders. 

This tender is part-financed by the European Union.​

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