THE TOWER OF BABEL ( or The Collapse of Modern European Empire)

(originally published by the author in the Malta Independent on 13 November 2012 )

The Collapse of Modern European Empire.
The European Union is today floating in stormy ocean . The European dream is terminating as the realisation of reality is fast approaching. I am not a euro sceptic, on the contrary I feel I am a true European Knight of a new order, wishing that my article inspires or generates some discussion leading to the salvation of this chronically sick empire. I will try today, utilising my direct contact with European Institutions develop my concept of what I see leading to the collapse of the European Union. If I could refer to a childhood bedtime story, I would compare the European union today as a babel tower. A building so high that people inside feel themselves as mini gods (Brussels). They are so disengaged from the real world outside. They live a lavish life touring europe and the world, meeting each other brandishing PowerPoint presentations and attending receptions. They generate useless paperwork and theoretic processes contrary to what common sense dictates. They design laws from their glass houses in Brussels and other places, that make utter no sense when they are tried to be implemented in the field. The babel tower continues to get complicated as twenty seven languages and the same number of cultures are used in these corridors. Absolute confusion that blows my mind away even by just thinking of this mess.

The babel tower leads me to discuss the topic of Arrogance of the Institutions that govern the EU.
The European union has created so many institutions and agencies as a reaction to a need but these agencies did not address the need they were created for. Sometimes I have a feeling that whoever came up with setting up these agencies was copying the soviet institutions. Agencies today are top heavy with no experience at all. The person working in these agencies are selected by university qualifications and are null in real life. Obviously in such institutions the salaries and perks are so huge that this immediately blows up the ego of these Eurocrats. These glorified clerks work in the following way. They are good planners indeed. They plan their Christmas holidays from 15 December to 5 January. Then comes the skiing holiday from 1 February for 7 days. Then ten days in Easter, one month in Summer and a short break in October. This is not enough, they attend 2 to three conferences per month plus a days meeting out of town once per week as a minimum. So tell me, how can the need that these institutions that were created to adddress a problem ever function? Their computer email is always set at out of office mode and everyone is a ghost. Try to call anyone in any office and check out your chances. Try as a citizen to connect with any organ of the eu. you will get lost in computerised robots.

Financial collapse

It is not any secret that Europe is financially collapsed. Why did this crisis happen? WHY? And why is Germany such a European Robin Hood trying to bail out every country that is is crisis?
Let us take the Greek example. Greece passed through 20 years of living the European Dream with its politicians becoming fat and corrupt. This is a known fact although austerity hits the Greek peoples while the thieves are still at large. Where did the money Greece took from the EU go. Well back into the German Companies that managed to be partners of this corruption. This is why the Germans bail Greece out continuously because the money is not ending in Greek pockets in general but it is shared between Greek Politicians and German industrialists. This says it all. on top of this comes the failed idea of the euro. prior to the euro each country had the power to adjust its currency to the inflation. obviously with Germany in the game, Germany is a strong economical power and no other country can keep up with it. this too will reach a breaking point as soon enough there will be no cash to buy any more not even from Germany.

The Corruption that is breeding from within.

The next topic of my discussion highlights the corruption that is now rampant within the EU. I will explain some examples. The EU commission decides to budget an amount of hundred of thousands or even millions of euros for projects. Ok how is this money spent and by whom? Aha simple, the project managers that are given the task to spend the money are usually coming from the same country where the products are bought. What a surprise? So how do the industrialists via their country governments ensure that they get their money? They inject their men and women into the EU institutions. It would be interesting to take a cross sample of all EU institutions to see which countries have dominated demographically these institutions. I know the answer. Obviously the money given to these institutions is going back to countries with big industrial interests. Another example of corruption lies in the selection of headship positions in most eu institutions. Job vacancies are tailor made to the perfect description of the person selected to be in the institution prior to the actual launch of the job vacancy. And all is pretended to be made in a transparent way! I will not whistle blow examples in my first article but please do watch this space!

The loss of values and faith.

The next topic is the loss of faith across the board. Institutions in europe talk of values but unfortunately there are no more values left. Family breakdowns, extra martial relationships, children being born out of solidly bonded wedlocks is the order of the day. Most personnel working for eu institution leave their families at home and before they know it their new girlfriends are pregnant. Results show that not only we are living a true example of a Babel Tower but something similar to Biblical and Quranic Sodoma and Gamorrah. How long can this be sustainable? The smallest unit of society, the family is breaking up. If such units are breaking up how can there be cohesion amongst teams, institutions, governments or entire nations making up the union? Religious values that dominated Europe in the past are reaching the lowest ebb of the tide ever. Religions that might have had their failures too acted on the cohesion of the family unit. Today not getting married and not having a family is more favoured than otherwise. Result: Europe is a dying empire. Finally today it is better to declare that you are an atheist, a divorced, an animal lover or gay than saying that you are a believer of God.

The factor 27.

Another contributing factor to the collapse of the european union is the factor 27. The EU is made up of 27 different countries with 27 different languages and 27 different cultures. These differences of cultures are so immense that heads of countries need to communicate via interpreters. A complete Babel. they can not understand each other linguistically or culturally.

The Big Brother syndrome.

Germany, loser of both world wars, strikes again. This time trying to build its fourth reich through financial controlling the universe. following world war two, Germany rebuilt its economy by the support of the US Marshal Aid. today, Germany occupies a unique position, it has a strong industrial power and total control of the EU. It plays the role of big brother making rude statements about any country without any form of prudence. it’s prime minister tours around europe as if she has the god’s mission to germanise Europe. Prime examples are across the board, from scolding Greece for its financial situation, telling France to toe the line with German policies and United Kingdom to forget the idea of leaving the union otherwise it will have to face isolation. Democracy is eroding, no longer do european peoples elect their voices to represent them but all governments are interested in the Brussels musical chair game of using tax payers money to be syphoned into the pockets of a few industrialists supported by the few heavy weight politicians.
Another strategy by Germany is to flood all EU institution with its citizens or German alliances to support its policies as they come straight from home and implement them with robotic obedience, again a Germanic trademark.

The Islamization through illegal immigration. 

A debated subject in Border Countries is the topic of illegal immigration. this is a mixture of a small percentage of refugees fleeing wars (3 to 5%) and the rest (95%) of migrants undergoing totally organized voyages by human smugglers. The attraction of the rich social services north is too attractive a magnetism for such persons. They target to reach countries in Scandinavia, Germany and France and as long as there is an attraction there will be this movement. What is unsung is the fact that this movement of young men in the age bracket of 18 to 28 is a repetition of the demographic Islamisation of the world that already took place one thousand years ago. Europe is too blind to contrast or challenge this, coupled with the fact that the big brother still carries the stigma of the genocide of WW2, thus is welcoming this phenomenon with open arms. Europe is overrun. It is too late already. Cities all around Europe are engulfed by Islamic culture that does not integrate in European society but replicates same attributes found in the middle east. While there is no problem in cross pollination and respect of cultures, the problem lies in possessive behaviour of Islamic persons by asking Europeans to remove crosses from the classrooms as they did in Italy and the mass germination of uncontrolled mosques all around Europe where imams can preach anything without any control. This is not only a religious overrun, as today Europeans are no longer believers let alone religious, the Hawala banking system ensures that European money is sucked and sent to the countries of their origin. And European politicians are sleeping avoiding this topic.

The rise of the extreme Right.

Blind are those who do not see the growth of extreme nationalism and extreme right movements. Greece has elected the golden dawn party in its parliament with the chant of “immigration out”. another example is The massacre at Otoya in Norway last year that expressed the premeditated anger manifested by the killing of 70 innocent children by a fellow Norwegian, just for the sake of making a point. European civilians are today creating pockets of resistances as they feel a need to do something while their PowerPoint and highly corrupt leaders are wasting their time discussing sweet nothing’s in Brussels. Examples are flooding the news even though the media, controlled by same Eurocrats whose priorities are anything other than the preservation of Europe.

The loss of control of the Police Authorities

Another issue worth discussion is the loss of control of policing authorities. I am not blaming the hard working police but I raise here the concern of All court systems that across the board concentrate more on criminal rights demoralising the authorities. Secondly polices are today stepping into their office becoming clerks and the “Bobby out on the beat” scene is slowly disappearing.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Europe needs to get out of this European leadership vacuum with true men or women who are fair and dedicated and who think more of what service they can give rather than how many digits their personal bank account holds. focus must be given to the unify the family that is seen to rapture in europe where family breakdowns is the order of e day. Phenomenon of bullying by the big brother and it’s allies has to stop. countries that are bullied must rise to defend their position before total submission to the fourth reich takes place. I conclude my first ever article by a question: is there a light at the end of this tunnel? Maybe the time has come for the formation of a new order of knights to regroup and do something tangible in order to save the Empire, our grandfathers have worked hard and even died for. in five years it will be game over.

Major Alexander Dalli, AFM (Retd.)


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