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Search and Rescue Operation at Ghajn Tuffieha Bay,
17th November 2013 by Armed Forces of Malta’s Air Wing.

The Armed Forces of Malta Operations Centre was alerted at around 4pm that a person required urgent medical assistance in the rocky area of Ghajn Tuffieha.

The AFM Operations centre immediately deployed an Alouette III helicopter and an AFM Fast Interceptor vessel (P06 ) to the area to assist in the rescue efforts . Within minutes the rescue crew onboard the AFM helicopter found that the casualty received initial first aid by the civil protection department officials and police officers in the area.

The casualty , an Australian man was winched onboard the helicopter by an AFM rescuer. Subsequently , the AFM aircraft landed temporarily at the car park in the vicinity where an ambulance was awaiting. The doctor onboard the ambulance provided assessment and accompanied the casualty onboard the helicopter as it flew directly to St Lukes Hospital were another ambulance transferred the casualty to Mater Dei.

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