Malta Institute of Professional Photography: annual international convention, 2013 from Ivan M. Consiglio on Vimeo.

Malta Institute of Professional Photography: annual international convention, 2013

“A short clip reporting on the year 2013’s MIPP ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY CONVENTION: The annual international photography convention by the Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP) was recently held over three days in Malta (18 -20 Oct.) This was the ninth edition of the MIPP convention, which brought together MIPP members along with media and photography students, in a series of forums and workshops that enabled them to exchange and learn several experiences, creativity methods and varied techniques with a number of foreign speakers, purposely brought to Malta for this event. During the workshops conducted, those present could learn and appreciate how foreign photographers work and apply their art and craft. The MIPP annual convention is the fruit of a 10-year long joint collaboration with the UK’s Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography (SWPP), which has over 3,000 members. Amongst the speakers hosted this year’s series of workshops, there were: John Denton, a British fashion, glamour and fine art photographer; Heidi Levine, a North American photo-journalist who has been covering the Middle East news; and Irishman, Podge Kelly, who teaches photography and specializes in fashion and wedding photography. A interesting public forum for those attending on “From Photographer to Successful Brand” was led by Joseph Zammit Lucia. The British professional fashion model Nikki Hafter was also brought to Malta for the three days of workshops, which covered fashion, glamour and news-press photography genres in an extensive way. Founded 17 years ago, the MIPP has amongst its 200 members it includes students, photography professionals, as well as those who practice or have to hearth the art of photography. Messrs. Juliette and Phil Jones, Directors of the SWPP, commented positively on how they remain impressed every year with the level and passion of Maltese photographers. This year, two MIPP members qualified for their Associateship and another two for their Licentiate. See selection of event photos at URL: Issued on Mon. 10/21/13 11:54 hrs”

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