“Hands-on Social Media” training workshop

Following the huge success of last Friday’s social media strategy course at MISCO, Strategic Communications’ Director Dott. Fabio Giangolini will deliver an extraordinary session this Friday 6th December from 9am to 1pm.

As an organisation, planning your social media strategy and processes have become part of everyday life. Our training workshop teaches you how to increase sales, brand awareness and promote your organisation online through the use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

What will I learn?
– What should be included in a social media plan
– The ground rules – the do’s and don’ts about social media in business
– How to find your audience on all major social media channels
– Evaluation of newer social media channels (Google Plus, Pininterest)
– How to build your brand on different social media channels

Who is it for?
This workshop is aimed at individuals who would like to develop a more structured social media plan that integrates with the business’ marketing plan

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