The Nordic-driven EU leadership persists in ignoring the plights of its southern member states in the Mediterranean on issues related to migration flows from North Africa and Asia.


Cannot avoid commenting on this, and it might be hard not being political about it either, in one sense or another. Again, some might add me to the ever growing disgruntled “mob” who are repeatedly disillusioned by the EU, and what it’s meant to stand for or do for ALL (!!) its citizens. Two news items (links below) in a local Maltese online newspaper came up back to back that simply couldn’t be simply dismissed or ignored with a shrug of indifference.

For the umpteenth time, those leading in the EU have decided to sideline and cast again to the back burner (if not right off the damn darned cooker hob), the issues to tackle adequetely the flows of illegal (I make a repeated emphasis on “illegal”, not the recommended politically correct buzz-term “irregular”!!) migration on the South and East Mediterreanean high seas.

Migration: Malta’s plea ignored in EP committee

MEPs ignore Malta’s position on Frontex

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