You know you’ve been in Italy too long when…


With thoughts and feelings still preciously vivid of a seven-month long tour of work duty in Rome earlier this year, and right now whilst back in the Citta’ Eterna for a brief family holiday, I came across this list through my colleague Josephine McKenna of Seven Network tv (Australia) which for us expats here sums up humourously  really well what the Eyeties are all about! Have a happy new year y’all

Just for a laugh!

You know you’ve been in Italy too long when… 

1) You consider accepting the dinner invitation at the house of someone you just met.

2) You can have a conversation with a stranger comprised entirely of facial expressions, hand gestures, and no words.

3) You can’t imagine not wearing a black down jacket and black sunglasses most of the year.

4) You keep honking at the traffic, not at anyone in particular, just to keep the flow moving…

5) You have become an expert in parking your car in the narrowest space and driving while talking on the phone and having a conversation with other passengers at the same time.

6) You don’t hesitate to overtake a car blocking the street through the pavement/sidewalk.

7) You automatically ask for the vino della casa (house wine) when you have a casual lunch out.

8) You can convey all your feelings with a single “maa…” or “boh”.

9) You refuse to go out if it is raining, even a bit, and wear a scarf whenever it’s not over 25°C.

10) You don’t raise an eyebrow when you are asked to apply for your application at a government office.

11) You don’t even check for opening hours and schedules anymore as you know they don’t mean anything.

12) You only have coffee for breakfast, then if you feel a bit peckish get a pastry at 10 am with more coffee, in between two other morning coffees.

13) You don’t cringe at the idea of having offals for lunch.

14) You can’t imagine having lunch before 1 pm.

15) You dip your bread in olive oil – even at home.

16) You know that a true espresso shouldn’t contain more than a few drops of extremely concentrated coffee, which can be diluted with sugar.

17) You know that Starbucks isn’t real coffee but you go anyway because of it’s trendy and American, and they have free Wi-Fi.

18) You start calling your mother every day, sometimes several times a day, although you never did before.

19) In a queue, you constantly keep an eye for line jumpers – unless it’s you !

20) You have twenty favourite flavours of ice cream, because you have to be selective.

21) People back home think you speak too loudly.

22) You understand that when someone tells you that it’s impossible, he is just asking for you to negotiate.

23) You stick your index finger against your cheek to say that something tastes good.

24) Back home, you say that you dropped a spaghetto (and not a spaghetti) when taking them out of the package.

When in Rome. . . .

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