Microsoft says Windows-phone is outselling iPhone, . . . in fantasyland !!


Via Cult of Mac:

The iPhone 5c is not a cheap phone. In fact, it costs $549 without a contract. Apple has 0% share of the sub-$400 “budget” smartphone market by sole dint of the fact it doesn’t sell a budget iPhone.

But hey, don’t let that get in the way of Microsoft trying to claim they are outselling the iPhone in the under-$400 market, which is sort of like saying that Louis Vuitton is outselling Apple in designer clothes.

In an interview with Tech Radar, Microsoft’s director of communications Christopher Flores said that Windows Phone was outselling Apple’s iPhone line-up in 24 markets globally. When Techradar appeared skeptical, Flores admitted these were “emerging markets”… in other words, markets where a phone needs to be super-cheap to succeed, and which Apple is not even targeting.

It’s dumb, but that’s just how low-on-the-totem Microsoft is when it comes to the smartphone market these days: the only places it can declare victory are areas in which Apple is concertedly not competing.

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