A resignation that changed the course of history

A day which I will never forget, whilst working in Rome: the world’s media descended on the Eternal City, just as the heavens opened with bucketful’s of water, as if a sign of discontent up there . . . Twas a hectic exciting week after that till Easter Sunday! And the rest is now history 🙂


A year ago Benedict XVI stepped down from the Throne of Peter because of old age. His departure was like a shock that made Francis’ pontificate of change possible

The Vatican is no longer the same. Benedict XVI’s shock decision twelve months ago to step down and go back to being Joseph Ratzinger, changed the course of the Church’s history

It was 11 February 2013 and the Vatican was celebrating the anniversary of the Lateran Pacts. The Pope was holding a Consistory for the decrees of canonization of some saints and after announcing the date for the proclamations of sainthood, Benedict XVI began to read out something else in Latin from a sheet he was holding. He said he had something important to tell the Church: he was getting old (“ingravescente aetate”) and said he no longer had the strength to continue at the helm of Peter’s boat in an…

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