The annual International Photography Convention of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP) will be held this year between Friday 14th and Sunday 16th November, at the Le Méridien Hotel in St Julians.

Held in collaboration with the UK’s Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography (SWPP), this convention brings together MIPP members (along with media and photography students) in a series of forums and workshops which enables them to exchange and learn from several experiences, creativity methods and varied techniques with a number of speakers, local and foreign, who are purposely brought to Malta for this event. The MIPP’s annual convention is the fruit of a 10-year long joint collaboration with the SWPP, which has over 3,000 members.

“This is our tenth edition,” MIPP President Kevin Casha said, “and it gives convention delegates a whole weekend of photographic knowledge, tuition and enjoyment, whilst encouraging networking with our foreign guests and lecturers, besides amongst the MIPP members themselves and other convention participants.”

During the workshops conducted, those attending will be able to learn and appreciate how foreign photographers work and apply their art and craft. “The committed and serious preparatory efforts that goes into the organization of such an event is considerable, and this year has been no exception,” Charles Calleja said from the convention’s organizing committee, “We strive to make this annual gathering of photographers a valid one as much as possible for all participants.”

Amongst the speakers for this year’s series of workshops, there is UK’s Stuart Wood from Derby. Stuart is a very successful multiple award-winning all-rounder photographer, and with experience in teaching. His many awards testify to the quality and standards of his work, which genres revolve around people and lifestyle. He is noted for his ability to easily and quickly connect with people, making him successful in getting his subjects to relax and enjoy their contact with Stuart, which guarantees great images.

 01. Stuart Wood lrg

Stuart Wood will be covering Commercial Photography processes and Advanced Portrait Lighting. Kevin Casha added that “Stuart Wood’s visit to Malta and his participation in this year’s MIPP convention is only possible through the kind help and sponsorship of the SWPP’s directors, Juliet and Phil Jones, who will also be with us during the event.”

Also at this year’s convention is a very fresh young Maltese photographer, just back from her studies in UK: the talented Stephanie S. Scicluna, whose work revolves around concept and message.

 02. Stephanie S. Scicluna lrg

Other speakers include Ramon Sammut and Joe Attard, who will cover “Iron Salt Printing” techniques and “Better Composition for Impact” respectively.

 04. Joe Attard lrg 03. Ramon Sammut lrg

Photography panels by contestants for the Institute’s Licentiate, Associate, and Fellow qualifications will also be judged during the convention. Full programme of the MIPP’s 2014 International Photography Convention can be viewed online at web URL http://goo.gl/1EoQ8H, and booking requests can be emailed at bookings@mipp-malta.com

 mipp hdr

Founded 18 years ago, the MIPP has amongst its 200 members several students, photography professionals, as well as those who practice or have to heart the art of photography. Also serving as a teaching institution, the MIPP promotes the improvement of technical photographic knowledge and photographers’ professional status and their perception by the public, Photographic Industry operators, whilst achieving and maintaining standards in professional practice and conduct.This it does for the benefit of photography and buyers of photography,so as to safeguard, monitor and deal with matters which affect professional photography.

A press-media pack, which includes event promotional poster/s, lecturers headshots and their respective biographies, plus photo images for inclusion in published online or print pieces, may be downloaded Winzipped from this web-URL –


Archive film footage rushes from last year’s edition available for use at URL:


A press-invite / call is scheduled for all interested and available media to visit and cover the event at the Le Méridien St Julians Hotel, on SATURDAY 15th November, 2014 between 09:30 and 11.45 hrs.


Kevin Casha

Email:   president@mipp-malta.com

Mob.:     +356 99470106

Tel.:       +356 21486097


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