Photography workshop: SHOOTING FOR PERFECTION

A photographic seminar by The Foto Grafer Ltd; in collaboration with the MIPP.

The Foto Grafer Ltd in collaboration with the Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP), would like to invite you to a one day Photography workshop entitled SHOOTING FOR PERFECTION on Sunday, 15th MARCH from 8.30 am till 4.30 pm at the Monte Kristo Estate.

This is a ‘not to be missed’ event  and the day will revolve around three internal professional studio set ups as well as one outdoor location set up – with models as well as makeup artists in attendance. Participants, besides working with their own cameras, will have the opportunity to use the latest Hasselblad Digital cameras as well as other high end equipment, such as Aurora Studio Lighting, Lastolite, Delkin and Innovatronix products. Guest speaker is Jens Anthonsen, Sales Manager from Hasselblad, who will be purposely attending the event. Participants will be presented with a personalized pack containing discount vouchers and product material. Participation is limited and is by invitation only.

Promo final.

The event is mainly subsidized by the Foto Grafer Ltd; and the day ticket, (inclusive of lunch and coffee breaks), is at a nominal charge of Euro 15. Booking and pre payment are necessary and can be done as follows:

1.       Through the MIPP BOV internet banking

2.       Through cheques addressed to the Foto Grafer Ltd; posted to the MIPP address: 27, Moonlight, Giovanni Papaffy Street, Ta’ Paris, Birkirkara bkr4021

3.       Directly to MIPP committee members at forthcoming MIPP meetings.


08.30 am:             Registration/coffee

09.30 am:             Welcome address by The Foto Grafer Ltd;/MIPP President

10.00 am:             Technical talk on handling Hasselblad by Jens Anthonsen (Hasselblad Sales Manager)

11.00 am:             Coffee break

*11.15 am:            Workshops – Your turn – Try out the cameras and use the set up studios! (models will be available)

13.15 pm:             Lunch

*14.00 am:           Workshops – continuation

16.00 pm:             Networking time & coffee break

16.30 pm:             Raffle and conclusions.

* Workshops will be run on rotation, giving everyone a chance to work. There will be three studios set up as well as an outdoor location venue, which will be used with a wedding couple, as a real life case scenario. Those participants who want to try out the Hasselblad cameras need to bring their own FORMATTED CF or SD cards so that they can take back their own Hasselblad files shot with. The SD cards need to be fast as they will be used with an adaptor. Hasselblad files can be processed through Lightroom 5. Naturally, bring your own camera gear!

*The Foto Grafer will provide facilities for file conversion if the participant does not have Lightroom 5.

*Unfortunately, those who will not have their own cards will not be able to take back the files they shoot on the day with Hasselblad.


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