Malta Jousting Festival & Renaissance Fair

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna – the Malta Heritage Trust proudly presents a two-day renaissance jousting festival at Fort Rinella, Kalkara. The event will focus on depicting the glorious knight’s life against the backdrop of a violent and warlike world as commonly lived in many parts of the European continent in the 17th century.

Jousting poster II H

The event will feature a typical jousting extravaganza inspired from the time when this was used as a popular way of entertainment for visiting political or military dignitaries on their tours of war. A typical jousting scene will see two Knights charging one another with couched lances with the aim of unhorsing their opponent. The festival will be a competitive one and will actively involve the attending public who will also be offered to support a horse and knight. Besides the jousting display itself there will also be numerous other displays all featuring given aspects of the prevalent fighting skills and soldier life of the period.

On both days there will also be an open-air renaissance market where one can find anything from apparel, food and crafts.

The festival and market will take place in the open arena outside but the fort and the gun will also be open for regular visiting. Food and drink will be available throughout the day.

Entrance fees: Adults: €10, Children u/16yrs: €2 . FWA members enter free.

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna – VO/0117

Contact: +356 21803091, +356 21800992, +356 79874153

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