Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Royal Artillery.

On the 26th May 2016 the Royal Artillery will celebrate its 300th Anniversary. As part of the celebration of this significant milestone, the Royal Artillery will conduct a west to east circumnavigation of the globe, which commenced at their birth place in Woolwich on Friday May15th, 2015, and finishing at their Regimental home in Larkhill.

A baton, designed to represent the Regiment’s 300 years, will be carried around the globe, before being presented to the Regiment’s Captain General when she reviews the Regiment at Larkhill on the date of the Regiment’s Foundation.

The circumnavigation will provide an exciting and unrivalled opportunity for all corners of the Regimental family: Regular, Reserve, Veterans (through the RAA) and RA capbadged UOTC, CCF and ACF units, to play their part in an incredible journey. The Regiment will also seek the support and engagement of Commonwealth Artillery nations and Britain’s close Allies, alongside Industry Partners.

On Friday, 10 July, 2015 at 1100 hrs, the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) in collaboration with the 105th Regiment, Royal Artillery​ will be celebrating this Anniversary, as in all Commonwealth countries and various other places around the world.

A series of commemorative gun salutes for the anniversary will take place at the Saluting Battery, Barakka Gardens.

Guests will also include the British High Commissioner, who has been invited by the British side.

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  1. S P portelli says:

    Should be interesting. Regards and thanks

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