Cold snap hits Malta: put on pyjamas & get cosy under a quilt



Put on pyjamas and get cosy under a quilt, health officials tell elderly

Cold snap hits Malta:
Be sure to stay warm, health officials have told the elderly.

Put on slippers and pyjamas, snuggle up under a quilt and be sure to have a heater running, the Health Standards directorate has urged elderly people.

Malta is currently in the throes of a cold snap that is expected to drag the mercury down to 5ºC tomorrow, and health officials are particularly concerned about the impact the cold could have on elderly citizens.

Elderly people should:
– Ensure rooms are no colder than 21ºC during the day and 18ºC at night
– Keep enough heaters, blankets and quilts handy to stay warm
– Wear pyjamas and slippers
– Avoid the outdoors, coffee and alcohol
– Eat regular meals, drink warm drinks and wear layers of clothing

A circular with this advice has been sent to elderly people’s homes, the directorate said.

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