71200515_2440672272675634_2354381972224081920_nOn Tuesday 23rd September, 2019, the National Scout Council of The Scouts Association of Malta elected from amongst their council members Captain Reuben Lanfranco, AFM Rtd. as the next Chief Scout to take over from the current outgoing Ing. George Cassar.

An insightful interview was published during the past weekend with the new Chief Scout, to read it please click on link below provided.


I had the pleasure of serving in my younger days with him as his assistant patrol leader and later as his assistant cub scout leader at the St. Aloysius’ College Scout Group. Having travelled together in the Maltese contingent from the Scouts’ Association of Malta under his leadership to the EUROFOLK-85 scouting event in Barcelona, Spain, we both then embarked together to reopen the Stella Maris College Scout Group’s troop section, where I served as an assistant scout leader.   As if following Reuben around in my Scouting life of volunteerism wasn’t enough, I later followed him for a 25-year military career an as Officer in the Armed Forces of Malta.  Even there, they couldn’t well keep us apart or very far from each other: whilst he was serving as a maritime officer on patrol boats, I landed myself a staff job at our regimental headquarters as the battalion adjutant.   So, our conversations over the horn and interactions were not lacking either outside Scouting.   It was obvious for many by then that I would be his bestman at his wedding as well.

Here is a rather jam-packed Scouting CV with all the pedigree frills of our new Chief Scout: this is a pure Scouting DNA statement, and I wish him from these pages of cyber space and social media, all the very best from us all at Central District:

1973 – Joined Sliema Scouts as a cub scout, eventually becoming second sixer, sixer and senior sixer. Followed up in Scout Troop as APL.
1977 – Joined SAC Scout Group since transferring to St. Aloysius College in 1976. Eventually serving as APL, PL, SPL, Venture Scout, Cub Scout Instructor (Auxiliary- 29 July 1981) With Pack, and ASL (22 March 1984). Received Chief Scout award prior to my 13th Birthday and completed Basic and Advanced Woodbadge Courses at 18 years of age (qualifying for Pack and Troop).
1985 – Malta Contingent Leader – Eurofolk 85 (Spain)
1985 – Transferred to Stella Maris College Scout Group as founder member and SL 912 December 1985), following revival of Group.
1988 – Overseas – Member of Leverkusen Scout Group (Germany).
2000 – Re-joined Tigne Scout Group to set up Troop.
2001 – Appointed Island Commissioner for Sea Scouts (25 October 2001) until position was disbanded.
Since then, participated as a trainer on Woodbadge courses.
Scout Awards: Medal of Merit, Long Service Decoration & Bar, 100 year Anniversary medal.
Others: Commander of the Most Venerable Order of St. John; Service Medal of the Order (St. John) with 2 bars; and other mainly military and civilian awards.
Between 31/08/2017 and 30/10/2018, served as Hon. Secretary of the Association.
Capt. Lanfranco’s first message to the Maltese Scouts is reproduced below:

“My fellow Scouts

It gives me great pleasure writing some words to you all as the newly elected Chief Scout of the Scout Association of Malta. First and foremost, I would like to thank my predecessor, George Cassar for having done a splendid job as the former Chief Scout; George was always there whenever anyone needed his assistance and went beyond the call of duty in fulfilling his role as Chief Scout and Chairperson of the National Scout Council. On behalf of all the Scout Association, I would like to thank him for his unfailing service.

I am so happy to be at the service of Malta’s largest youth organisation. I remember when I joined scouts in 1973, as a young cub, it was one of the happiest days of my life. Little did I know that over 45 years later, I would become Chief Scout. I remember that Scouting for me, was not just a hobby, it was not just an activity I would attend weekly (sometimes even daily), but it became a way of life. Yes, ultimately, that is what scouting is; it is a way of life! If we embrace the promise and law that have been passed on to us through generations of scouts from our founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell, we understand that we are making a personal commitment to a simple code of living, based upon the concept of doing your best; this is what our promise and law are all about.


Scouting helps us to learn by doing; actively participating in certain skills which do not necessary require a computer, tablet or mobile phone to accomplish. The idea of “living in the open” as B.P called it, by participating with others in groups, crews, units, patrols, sixes or colonies, helps us develop both a spiritual and social dimension. We should not forget our commitment to seek the spiritual value of life beyond the material world and at the same time be active in society by respecting the dignity of others and being proud of our country and contributing positively towards it. It gives me great pleasure seeing many of my former cubs and scouts in the groups I used to serve in, having achieved prominent positions in government, society and employment and knowing that they are “doing their best” to make this world a better place.

In conclusion, I wish to remind you all of some of those wonderful words which BP himself expressed in his final letter to scouts before he passed away. “Be contented with what you have got and make the best of it. Look at the bright side of things instead of the gloomy one. But the real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to other people. Try to leave this world a little better than you found it…and always remember to Be Prepared.”

I wish you the very best in your scouting lives and will be eager to meet up with all of you sometime in the very near future. Spread the word of Scouting and live it to its fullest meaning!”


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