Hi all, . . . this quick post is an apology for having been away from this niche of mine on the web.

Much has happened since my last post of 2019, but won’t go into much detail about it all, as many in the know are already aware of my current ongoing operations (or lack there of, rather!) through my active presence on Facebook.

The prevailing pandemic of COVD-19 hasn’t helped much, as a matter of fact. And have found myself to be more withdrawn and recollected, ever cautious of my errand trips outdoors to anywhere.

Tinkering with small projects has kept me active, and skills sharpened somewhat.

And new interests, capabilites and self developed talents have also come round to keep a reasonable level of sanity in the crazy world we are living in right now.

Have lost a couple of friends and dear ones along the way, not to COVID, and as one of my close school days’ chum said: “Another one bites the dust!”

Will again endeavour to populate this little nook of mine with some scribblings and other which catches my fancy, no promises though.

Stay safe and be strong, y’all !!

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