Marsa Power Station Photography Competition

Marsa Power Station Photography Competition
Closing date: 30th April 2015

Enemalta plc is working to decommission and dismantle the 1953 Marsa Power Station. This electricity generation installation served the Maltese Islands for over 61 years. It has been a vital element in the development of the three-phase electricity supply system we use today and its continued expansion to meet increased demand facilitated the extension of the Maltese electricity grid to all localities in Malta and Gozo as well as the advancement of local industry.

Through a number of activities, the Company aims to pay tribute to this power station’s role in the development of modern Malta. It is also recognising the skills and commitment of hundreds of workers who operated its plants throughout the years.
The Marsa Power Station Photography Competition is an opportunity for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts to depict their own interpretation of this important element of Maltese social and economic life in the last six decades. It also seeks to promote the importance of industrial photography as an art form and as a tool to immortalise the memory of current and past technologies.

While touring the power station, visitors can also participate in the Marsa Power Station Photography Competition. The best photos of this power station submitted will be awarded with a total of €500 worth of photographic equipment vouchers. Enemalta and The Malta Institue of Professional Photographers are seeking at outstanding images that preferably depict the Marsa Power Station in a creative, unusual manner, whilst also preserving its characteristics for posterity.

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