Lectures at the Fortifications Interpretation Centre – The Fortress Builders

The Fortifications Interpretation Centre – The Fortress Builders is currently preparing its program for regular monthly lectures for the months of May to December 2015.

The one-hour lectures are held monthly at the F.I.C’s Lecture Room, and starting at 17:30hrs.


See the Youtube video on the Centre, to learn more about this historic premises:

Past lectures have attracted great interest, and attendance was always encouraging. The first lecture this year was delivered by Matthew Balzan, on “The Industrial Advancement and Defence”.


Matthew Balzan

“The designers & builders of Fort Manoel: De Tigne, Mondion and Marandon” is the subject chosen by Dr. Stephen C. Spiteri for his upcoming lecture on March 24th, 2015.


Dr. Stephen C. Spiteri

The lecture for April is to be by the Denis Anthony Darmanin, of the Fortifications Interpretation Centre’s Restoration Directorate, within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government.


Denis Darmanin

Speakers are being invited to deliver lectures on topics primarily related to the F.I.C’s role, but also to the culture and heritage of the islands of Malta and Gozo. It will be a pleasure if anybody could be a speaker for one of these lectures.

For further information kindly contact Denis Anthony Darmanin on email denis.a.darmanin@gov.mt , or else at:

Fortifications Interpretation Centre
Restoration Directorate
Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government
St Mark Street, Valletta

on phone +356 21228593/4

Early notification will be appreciated since the F.I.C. has to publish a program of events whilst the staff requires to adhere to their timely publicity.


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