I know that I haven’t dedicated much time and deserved attention to posting blog entries and updates with reviews or critiques of things and events catching and itching my eye and interest.

Am bringing myself to some form of resolution to do better in 2017. Have found myself machine-gun firing constantly posts on everything (to an often nauseating degree) on Facebook and, to a lesser degree, via Twitter and Linkedin.

However, have posted some ENG webnews portal work to my Youtube channel  in an effort to balance things away from my addiction to Facebook. You be a judge of that. Admittedly, my still photography work has suffered or else hasn’t got the exposure it merits.

Well, enough ranting on my state of activity these past couple of months. Am scribing these couple of words to wish all my immediate (and non) family, friends and colleagues a joyous Festive Season wherever you are in the world.

Watch this space in 2017, will do my best to share more. Best regards, love you all!


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