I find the Festive Season of Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations as a pit-stop type moment of recollection of one’s decisions and actions (good or bad) from those said decisions taken over the previous months of the past year.  And that amidst the cheer and binging at work or family gigs, when the food and the booze helps not the waist lines or the livers of those who subject themselves to such indulging.

Again, admittedly I have not bothered much or had the time to post much here to share with y’all here in cyber space. The chain tethering (or rather mooring) me to Facebook as an easy, quick and broad reaching social media platform, has remained prevalently strong and unfazed over these past months, with all the nonsense generated or reposted from elsewhere, amidst some good piece of news or info as well, it must be said.

That the pace of life has slowed or not, I won’t be a judge of that in my semi-retirement.  This year was sluggish overall on the local work front, and that was despite one major tv-documentary production project,  which was pretty significant for the thematic topic it touched.

The year was marked with the sadness of several close friends passing away, so “young” and so suddenly.  It would send me into reminiscing moods for several days on end when I had to digest the news and also share it with the multiple circles of friends, Scouts and ex-Servicemen colleagues I have treasured over the years.

On a positive front though, some satisfactions did cross my path and new friendships struck, with the ever reinforcing of those which I engage so frequently for multiple reasons.

So, in closing I would like to thank all those who have supported me and those who believed in me, my work, and its ethic. Thanks to those who chose to rely on me and my professional and voluntary services, I register their appreciation and hold it close to my heart.

Best wishes for a safe and joyous Christmas, and a prosperous New Year in 2019. Stay in touch and don’t be strangers !!



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