Catching up is long overdue

Admittedly, I have again not out much effort of feeding and maintaining this little nook in cyberspace of mine, for a million and one reasons.

Was stirred to scribe these few words since I saw that my previous last posting was the customary and traditional December festive season’s greetings. And then, WordPress also automatically renewed its annual levy for renting out this patch of the internet.

One prime culprit of a reason why I find myself not posting anything here is because like many out there, am camped out pretty lazily on social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and to a lesser degree, Instagram also.

The following I have there is indeed far greater and has a near real time reaction to any nonsense of all sorts I generate or rebroadcast from there.

On ABC News’ “Good Morning America” show yesterday, a snippet caught my eye about Instagram experimenting with the removal of the display ‘likes’ registered by posts shared there on. Seems that the platform realised that most posts are a popularity contest amongst its users rather than a community of sharing. Mental illness and other self esteem issues induced by this crazy fad has been the cause of concern for many Stateside.

That stated, the ‘like’ factor or syndrome is so much part of conversation like punctuation amongst social media users, that it is really reached sickening levels, which marketeers and vendors seem to thrive on.

Often, I find that the available emojis given to us as defaults are not enough to express disagreement or other dissenting opinions, which oblige more verbose text inputting on some whacky post. Am not the type to slag off a mouthful of an epistle, and when or if I do, my nerves must have been pinched someplace by something for sure. Otherwise, it’s me nodding nay my head to the left and right at the smart device’s screen in hand.

Anyways, I am renewing my promise to give this soace some more content. Here’s hoping I can keep it this time!

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